Renowned for master-crafted modern heirlooms, Eli Halili Jewelry is among the most sought-after fine jewelry collections in the world. Eli’s signature designs seamlessly integrate techniques and artifacts from ancient times with contemporary style and function. Eli’s jewelry, like his lifestyle, embodies elegance, simplicity, spirituality and passion for the world’s natural beauties. Each element of the collection is a unique treasure, enchanted with history, enshrined with gold.

Born and raised on a Moshav in central Israel, Eli grew up surrounded by both innovation and antiquity, influenced by flavors and symbols from every culture and religion. The relics and coins unearthed within miles of his home inspired Eli to create jewelry that could contain the richness of human history. Eli believes that these artifacts, lost and buried for centuries, become talismans bearing both the fingerprint of their original makers and of the earth itself.

In keeping with that intention, Eli is committed to the integrity of all the materials he uses, as Nature provides them– natural stones, minimally cut by hand, forged into iconic pieces of jewelry using only the highest quality 22- and 24-karat gold. Each finished piece is entirely unique, bearing the unmistakable markers of master-craftsmanship.

Eli’s collections have included artifacts from ancient Jewish, Roman, Byzantine, East Asian and Mesopotamian periods. Each living relic that emerges from Eli’s workshop offers its wearer the special feeling of wearing history. Entering his shop off the busy streets of downtown New York City, one may even feel transported, as in a dream, to another time and place.

The Eli Halili Collection is currently sold in select specialty stores and at his namesake retail location at 260 Mott Street in downtown New York City.